About us:
Now there is Exmonte's nice nutritional care series in Sweden,
Ex Monte is ointment and conditioner manufactured in Austria according to a long tradition.
The products are based on nutritious extracts and have no reported side effects.
Österike has a very long tradition of utilizing nature's resources in a fantastic way.

Try today, we're so confident that you will discover the quality and goodness of these wonderful products so we'll refund your money within 40 days if you're not satisfied!

All of our preparations are sold via the internet, but you can of course also shop at our shop at Ringaby Spa and Conference if you have the wave by visiting www.ringaby.se

Buissnessidea: less pain, fewer wrinkles,
the natural way.

Vision: We will have healthy and satisfied customers by delivering Austrian quality ointments to anyone in need in the Nordic region.

Core values: Focus on the beauty we have in our nature.
Everyone should feel good, a healthier Nordic.

reviews: My aching ache disappeared when I lubricated with the marmalade hall!
My mother is lubricating her legs and the pirate in them has disappeared. So happy with the marmalade hall!
Smells so good!
Was positively overrated by this ointment